The Guiding Principles of a Graland Education

Graland Country Day School in Denver, Colorado, enjoys a long and distinguished history in its community. Currently educating boys and girls from preschool to middle school, Graland opened its doors in 1924 based on the principles of famed 19th-century educator John Dewey. A pioneer in progressive education, Dewey believed in providing a holistic education centered on the needs of each individual child.

Graland originated with a group of committed teachers and parents who hoped to provide an antidote to some of the more regimented trends in education that prevailed at the time. Ever since, the Graland private school experience has focused on developing the intellectual, creative, and athletic skills of its students in an effort to produce well-rounded men and women who can make significant contributions to society. The school’s historic emphasis on character and citizenship continues to distinguish it today.

At Graland, educators and administrators concentrate on promoting a set of guiding principles that include directives to strive for excellence, foster critical thinking, encourage innovation and discovery, embrace tradition, honor individual expression, and nourish compassion for others. Graland operates with a philosophy of celebrating achievement, with equal attention to recognizing struggles and failures as stepping-stones to lessons learned. This perspective, Graland leaders believe, contributes to the unfolding of perseverance and other qualities of character that will become increasingly vital over the course of the 21st century.