Colorado New Play Summit Brings Original Plays to Life in Denver

Every February, the Denver Center for the Performing Arts hosts some of the most exciting new plays and playwrights from across the country during the annual Colorado New Play Summit. Produced by the Denver Center Theatre Company, the Summit brings together industry professionals and the general public for a weekend of readings, productions, and other events.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Colorado New Play Summit is that it allows audiences a glimpse into the complex process behind creating and staging a finished play. By watching a staged reading, which usually features bare-bones scenery and a minimum of technical effects, audiences have the opportunity to imagine for themselves the future shape of the play and to engage on a deeper level with the most important element of a play: the words of the playwright. In addition, Summit audiences are often able to follow the ongoing evolution of particular plays, as several scripts from each New Play Summit are typically selected by the Denver Center Theater Company to receive a full production during the following season.

For many audience members, the Colorado New Play Summit is their first introduction to the idea of a play as a living, changing work of art. The organizers hope that this idea will take root in Denver’s cultural consciousness as the Summit continues to grow.