ACE Scholarships – Improving School Access for 15 Years

ACE Scholarships has a strong record of success, raising $30 million throughout its 15 years of operation. During this time, the organization’s scholarship initiative has helped roughly 12,000 scholars from families in low-income areas. More than 90 percent of ACE scholars graduate from college, and virtually 100 percent of the scholars attending college are prepared for their coursework, an achievement that the organization hopes to continue with the more-than-1,700 children it currently supports.

In Denver, where ACE Scholarships is based, families with low incomes are underserved by the public school system, with only 4 percent of students from these families earning a passing grade on state assessments. Although the graduation rate among these children remains only 56 percent, ACE hopes to bring this figure much closer to 100 percent through a dedicated effort on behalf of Colorado families to encourage school choice. ACE’s partnering private schools currently have over 10,000 desks waiting to be filled.