Denver Dumb Friends League Offers Pet Surrender Alternatives

Denver Dumb Friends League logo pic Endeavoring to serve the homeless animal community in the greater Denver area, the Dumb Friends League works closely with individuals who feel that they must surrender their pets. While some situations truly do require surrender for the well-being of the person and the animal, many other situations can by addressed through various programs maintained by the organization.

Often, financial issues lead to the decision to surrender an animal. In these cases, the owner may lack the income to cover veterinary bills or purchase food for the animal. The Dumb Friends League connects individuals in these situations to PetAid Animal Hospital, which offers comprehensive veterinary care for pets of economically disadvantaged individuals. Veterinary care subsidies also exist, as does subsidized pet and equine food assistance. If possible, the shelter will donate its spare supplies to owners facing temporary financial difficulties, to support them as they get back on their feet.

For those whose pets are behaving in an undesirable manner, the Dumb Friends League maintains an extensive, searchable Behavior Handouts Library and a Behavior Helpline, as well as a full range of behavior classes. The organization’s compassionate trainers do all they can to correct problematic behaviors.

In addition, the Dumb Friends League assists individuals planning a move by helping them to secure pet-friendly housing so that they can keep their animals with them.