High School Sports Offer Benefits Beyond the Playing Field

High School Sports pic A supporter of the John Lynch Foundation Salute the Stars event, an awards luncheon that recognizes the achievements of exceptional Denver-area student-athletes, the Reiman Foundation strongly believes in the importance of sports and athletic activities in the lives of young people. No matter what the level of play, participation in high school sports offers a number of benefits, both immediate and long-term, to young athletes.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Since sitting in front of various screens has become such a dominant part of our culture, high school sports helps young people get into the habit of regular activity, a habit that keeps kids fit and healthy and is more likely to lead to a commitment as an adult to maintaining physical fitness and avoiding overly sedentary behavior.

Remaining open to new experiences. Researchers have found that an inclination to play sports is closely linked to a more general sense of openness to new experiences. Studies also show that staying physically active in old age is associated with possessing an adventurous personality.

Learning teamwork. Playing team sports in high school is excellent preparation for future work environments. In a closely-knit group, athletes must learn to support and rely on one another while working toward a common goal, share victories and defeats alike, and develop a sense of responsibility for one another.