Modern and Contemporary Art Showcased at the Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum pic The Denver Art Museum’s more than 12,000 individual pieces tell a rich story of the modern and contemporary art of the Western world. Art movements represented in the museum’s collection include pop art, minimalism, abstract expressionism, realism, and conceptualism. Among the artists highlighted are Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe, Robert Motherwell, and Henri Matisse.

The DAM also serves as a leader in collecting emerging contemporary artists, many of whom have become widely known. The museum’s Bonfils-Stanton Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery is home to work by Jonas Burgert, Damien Hirst, Neo Rauch, Matthew Brannon, and numerous other talents. The museum’s holdings in contemporary art offer a strong representation of sculpture and variable-media works, which include installation pieces and works with multimedia elements. Over the past few years, the museum has collaborated with conservationists, curators, and the artists themselves to establish best practices in handling and preserving these nontraditional forms.

Sandy Skoglund’s 1989 installation piece Fox Games often serves as a major focus of interest at the DAM. The sculptor-designer-photographer created a surrealistic tableau featuring a host of red foxes subverting the expected course of events in an elegant, monochromatic dining room. The DAM has also showcased Jim Dine’s Wheat Fields, in which the pop artist assembled a vision both sobering and whimsical using odds and ends, including an enormous bronze skull, mounted atop a tractor axle. And Charles Sandison’s Chamber has featured in several museum exhibitions over the past few years; the video installation makes use of computer-created plays of light that sweep words and shapes across the walls.