Discarded Breeding Dogs Available at Dumb Friends League


Thirty discarded breeding dogs from puppy mills in the Midwest were transferred to the Dumb Friends League over the past two days.

Volunteers from National Mill Dog Rescue near Colorado Springs rescued the dogs from puppy mills across the Midwest over the weekend. The dogs brought to the Dumb Friends League include Yorkies, miniature poodles, terriers, miniature pinschers, and a mix of other small breeds. The dogs vary in age from approximately 4 months to 10 years.

“We are blessed that we have the resources and the space to help pets outside of our own community when the need arises,” said Bob Rohde, president and CEO of the Dumb Friends League. “In an urgent situation like this, it’s wonderful that animal welfare organizations here in Colorado come together to assist vulnerable pets like these puppy mill dogs.”

As a longtime advocate for the humane treatment of animals, Scott Reiman served on the Denver Dumb Friends League board of directors for more than 10 years and continues to be actively involved with the organization.