Back to School at Graland Country Day School

Scott Reiman Supports Graland Country Day SchoolIt’s hard to believe the long days of summer break are over and it’s back-to-school time already! Graland Country Day School welcomed its students back to campus this week. Lots of smiling faces were seen as the students arrived on the first day. It easy to see they’re already off to a great start to another successful school year!

Scott Reiman remembers the first day each of his own children went off to kindergarten at Graland. He and his wife know the value of a good education and based on the school’s outstanding reputation, they were thrilled to send their children there. Their personal experiences with the school only confirmed what they had already heard. Still today they continue to be impressed with school and its focus on building thoughtful, engaged citizens.

Scott Reiman & Reiman Foundation Support Graland

Back in 2009, Reiman co-funded the Hamilton Reiman Building, where students now engage in literacy, theater and choir activities. Still today, Reiman and the Reiman Foundation are proud to continue supporting the important work of the Graland Country Day School.